What is PacMin Digital?


PacMin Digital utilizes new technologies for storytelling that resonates with your audience. Our digital content can be paired with physical models and displays for a truly immersive multimedia experience.

Browse our most popular digital services below.

CGI United plane

CG Imagery

Developed from engineering and graphic data, our CGI is incredibly lifelike. Video, VR, or AR options available.

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CGI still

CG Animation

Create digital tours of your aircraft before it debuts or training videos of complex tools.

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virtual reality plane

AR, VR, and MR

Our AR, VR, and MR experiences can be designed with or without wearables to suit your audience.

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3D projection concept on building

3D Projection

Project digital content or live action video onto any surface—from models to buildings to full-size aircraft.

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Preview of Air New Zealand mobile app with CGI and 3D rendering

Mobile Apps

Take your product anywhere with an app on your phone or tablet. AR integration available.

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man using touch wall

Video Walls and Interactives

Ideal for trade shows, interactives entice visitors and can be designed for guided experiences or multiple users.

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