Tom Sanderson


Boeing has been a partner with the MIT Leaders For Manufacturing/Leaders For Global Operations program since its founding in 1988. For the last 26 years the program has been run by Don Rosenfield, an enthusiastic leader who takes great personal and professional interest in every student who ever passed through the program. Don has been instrumental in training multiple generations of Boeing leaders and, with his retirement at the end of this month, we wanted to give him an appropriate gift from the 50+ LFM/LGO graduates at Boeing.

Our creative services group got me in touch with Tom Toomey at PacMin to create a 747-8 model with a custom livery. After receiving our requirements on May 1, Tom & the PacMin team were able to create, proof, and revise the art; build the model; and ship it to us at MIT in under two weeks, delivering a gorgeous aircraft one day ahead of the committed schedule and much faster than the normal flow. Throughout the entire process, everyone at PacMin was absolutely delightful to work with and we could not be happier with the results.

Project Specs

747-8i custom model
Scale 1/100