Tim Williams

F-15 Singapore Senior Program Manager - Boeing Military Aircraft

Boeing has always been amazed with the many wonderful PACMIN Products and services for so many years. I have a great opportunity to let you know that we have again received wonderful support from the PACMIN Team! Over the past few months, the PACMIN Team was able to pull together and fully restore a large F-15 Singapore Model that is on display at the 428th Fighter Squadron at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho.

With direction from our F-15 Singapore Chief Engineer and our very capable Boeing Field Service Team Lead at Mountain Home AFB, this task was completed by PAC MIN ahead of schedule. This is quite impressive given the amount of work needed to rebuild the wings, and repaint all the weapons on the model.

On 16 May the 428th Fighter Squadron will celebrate their 5 year anniversary, and I am very proud to have all the Singapore and USAF attendees see the wonderfully restored PAC-MIN F-15SG Model at their base!

Project Specs

F-15SG rework
Scale 1/5