Aeronautical Engineers

Robert T. Convey

Vice President, Sales & Marketing - Aeronautical Engineers, Inc.

AEI had been using a different model supplier when I joined AEI three years ago. The quality of the models did not meet my expectations and for this reason I decided to award our future delivery models to PacMin. Some of the factors that weighed in on my decision were, high level of accuracy in the model design, superior paint and finishes, wings and horizontal stabilizer are removable making shipping much easier, incredibly helpful staff from sales to production, fair pricing and close proximity to my office.

The delivery model program at AEI was developed three years ago when I began work at AEI. At the time AEI was spending a large amount of money annually with print advertisers and in my opinion was not getting value for the dollar. The delivery model program was developed as a way to keep the AEI logo in front of the customer for a very long time. Our view was that a magazine will remain on a customer’s desk for about a week, a model will remain with that person until they retire. This level of long term exposure is what I was after and with the PacMin models I believe I have achieved it.

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