United Airlines

Christine Stephens

Brand Manager - United

I have managed model planes for United for the last year and half. When I moved into this role, I was new to model planes and unaware of the key leaders in the industry. During my first interactions with PacMin, I was incredibly impressed with the strong emphasis on customer service. I continue to use PacMin for the emphasis on customer service, excellent product quality, and the efficient order process. During the merger of Continental and United, model planes became a visible symbol of the merged companies. They are used frequently for customer giveaways, employee teambuilding, and are available for purchase on the United Shop, our online branded merchandise store. I received many requests from our officers for model planes in our rebranded livery, and PacMin assisted me in fulfilling their orders as quickly as possible.

One memorable PacMin experience stands out strongly in my mind. As the Official Airline of the US Olympic Team, United hosted a tent in the Olympic Village during the games. At the last minute, our sponsorship team wanted model planes to place in the tent. PacMin was able to rush me a handful of planes, and the models made it to our tent just in time for the Olympics. I look forward to my continued work with PacMin in the future.

Project Specs

787-8 model
Scale 1/144