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Exhibit models and cutaways are a staple at aviation events around the world. Instead of relying solely on static images, completion centers, like Greenpoint Technologies**, depend on visually dynamic models to illustrate their elegant, bespoke interiors. (more…)

Every PacMin exhibit model is a work of art that generates excitement and captivates customers. But after years of traveling from show to show, these assets can lose some of their luster and charm. Instead of commissioning a replacement, many customers, like Honda, turn to PacMin to refresh and rejuvenate their models. (more…)

The true measure of a company is found in its unfailing ability to deliver the impossible. Backed by a truly dedicated support staff, the best in software and equipment available, with over 65 years of hard-earned expertise, and the fundamental willpower to fly above and beyond for our clients, we at PacMin have proved our steadfast capabilities in the face of unthinkable timelines. (more…)