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For the 2011 NBAA show in Las Vegas PacMin was commissioned to build a custom 1/3.5 scale HondaJet aircraft model. This model replaced a previous 1/3.5 representation that was produced in 2007. (more…)

PacMin, Inc. has come together with the nonprofit organization All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation to help promote art education in the city of Fullerton, Ca. (more…)

1/20 scale Boeing 787-9 Cutaway displayed at the 2007 NBAA Conference

  • 1/20 scale Boeing 787-9 which was originally displayed at the 2007 NBAA Conference
  • First use of functioning miniature LCD monitors that play DVD movies in the model


This awe-inspiring mock-up was initially displayed at the Dayton Air-show. Fabricated as a collaborative effort by PacMin and several strategic partners, it incorporates an interior steel structure with an exterior fiberglass skin. (more…)

Boeing showcases its PacMin-manufactured 1/20 scale 747-8 Intercontinental exhibit model at the 2010 Dubai Air Show. (more…)

PacMin Studio produced this full scale 787 engine inlet for Goodrich’s chalet at the Singapore Airshow. The unique “window” model measures over 12 feet in diameter (3.7m) and five feet deep (1.5m). (more…)