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  • Wall Box and Coupler Visual Housing Prototypes for use at Detroit and LA Auto Show 2019
  • Measures 5 inches tall (1:1 scale)
  • Hand prepped SLA/Accura25 parts
  • Primed and painted with automotive grade paint and urethane clear
  • Finished with textured surfaces and operational LEDs
  • Produced graphics and screen printed water slide decals


Each year, the Tournament of Roses presents the annual Rose Parade on January 1st.

The 2019 edition began with a unique display. A PacMin-produced HondaJet aviation model was at the forefront of Honda’s “Celebration of Dreams”. (more…)

Fisker introduced the Orbit in late 2017 as a fully autonomous electric shuttle for university campuses and business centers.

While the Orbit is developed, Fisker uses high quality CGI to create excitement and serve as a sales tool to entice investors. The digital assets are also used on their website and social media. A total of four 4K images were developed of the Orbit. (more…)

For many people, a car is a regular sight. But this PacMin-produced wireframe car invites a second look. (more…)

Produced in 2014, this 1/6 scale ALSV concept model has traveled to numerous military tradeshows. It serves as a valuable marketing tool and conversation starter. (more…)