Replacement Parts Guide


Please use the guides below to order our most frequently requested replacement parts.


Our wood bases are designed to be interchangeable across all PacMin scale models, but we recommend replacing old or damaged wood bases with the same size base.

  • Base 1 (Small)
  • Base 2 (Large)
  • Base 3 (XLarge)

Please check back soon for an easy to use order form. 

PacMin bases will not fit models produced by other manufacturers. Please double check that your model is an official PacMin model before purchasing a replacement base.

For vintage PacMin models, there are some important differences. Check back soon for a self-serve guide.


We are only able to offer replacements for wings and horizontals if they are removable from the aircraft body, and if the model was produced from our current tooling. We are unable to offer replacement parts for models produced before the years noted below.

Please check back soon for an easy to use order form. 

Airbus1/144A3202010 to current
Airbus1/144A3212010 to current
Airbus1/100A3182010 to current
Airbus1/100A3192010 to current
Airbus1/100A3202010 to current
Airbus1/100A3212010 to current
Airbus1/200A330-2002012 to current
Airbus1/200A330-3002012 to current
Airbus1/100A330-2002011 to current
Airbus1/100A330-3002011 to current
Airbus1/100A330-5002011 to current
Airbus1/200A3502011 to current
Airbus1/100A3502012 to current
Airbus1/200A3802006 to current
Airbus1/100A3802012 to current
Boeing1/144737-8002009 to current
Boeing1/144737-7002009 to current
Boeing1/144737-9002015 to current
Boeing1/100737-3002006 to current
Boeing1/100737-4002006 to current
Boeing1/100737-5002006 to current
Boeing1/100737-7002012 to current
Boeing1/100737-8002012 to current
Boeing1/100737-9002010 to current
Boeing1/100737 MAX 72011 to current
Boeing1/100737 MAX 82011 to current
Boeing1/100737 MAX 92012 to current
Boeing1/200747-400 and -400F2006 to current
Boeing1/144747-4002008 to current
Boeing1/144747-8 and -8F2011 to current
Boeing1/100747-82011 to current
Boeing1/100747-62011 to current
Boeing1/50747-4002011 to current
Boeing1/200757-2002014 to current
Boeing1/200767-2002009 to current
Boeing1/200767-3002009 to current
Boeing1/200777-2002006 to current
Boeing1/200777-3002006 to current
Boeing1/200777-8X2015 to current
Boeing1/200777-9X2015 to current
Boeing1/144777-2002008 to current
Boeing1/144777-3002008 to current
Boeing1/100777-2002010 to current
Boeing1/100777-3002010 to current
Boeing1/200787-82005 to current
Boeing1/200787-92005 to current
Boeing1/144787-82007 to current
Boeing1/144787-92007 to current
Boeing1/144787-102007 to current

List of replacement parts for business aircraft coming soon. 


Please check back soon! We are currently developing a self-serve guide.