Wireframe Car

For many people, a car is a regular sight. But this PacMin-produced wireframe car invites a second look.

PacMin’s challenge was to show their customer’s product in a different, artistic way.

The project called for a life-size sculpture of the 2012 Honda Accord, complete with defined doors, head lights, and real tires. By removing the other components, viewers could focus all their attention on the customer’s message—the glass windshields.

From start to finish, the project spanned a little over two months. Once complete, the sculpture made its way from Fullerton, California to Ohio.

PacMin models are renowned for their ability to showcase products in their best light. The wireframe car was an exciting opportunity to create a display that highlighted a single component in an imaginative way.

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Project Specs

B/E Aerospace seat awards
Scale 1/10


3D Printing