High Energy Laser Trade Show Models

  • High Energy Laser (HEL) measures 32.7 inches (83 cm) in length and is 14.3 inches (36 cm) tall (1/3 scale) 
  • Beam Director measures 12 inches (30.5 cm) tall (1/3 scale)
  • Hand prepped NYLON 12 (PA) RP parts 
  • Primed and painted with automotive grade paint and urethane clear
  • Incorporated modular components 

These two models were designed to be used together at trade shows and events.

Since General Atomics planned to use the models at multiple events, they needed to be lightweight yet durable.  

With these requirements in mind, PacMin decided to 3D print the parts using Nylon21PA. The material would be able to withstand frequent travel and use without being cumbersome to ship. 

Both models were finished to resemble their real-life counterparts. PacMin’s engineers also added other features to improve durability. 

The 1/3 scale High Energy Laser (HEL) model featured a modular design to provide flexibility. If there were changes in the future, individual components could be easily changed out or modified. 

Over 70 individual components make up the HEL model. 

The 1/3 scale beam director required fewer parts, but it had a delicate camera lens. To protect it from normal wear, PacMin used scratch-resistant smoked acrylic for the lens. 

Both models were finished with automotive grade paints and a UV protective clear coat.

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Project Specs

General Atomics High Energy Laser (HEL) and Beam Director
Scale 1/3


3D printing