Paris Air Show 2017

Are you ready? Paris Air Show opens June 19th this year!

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Looking for inspiration?

See what models and displays have made headlines at past tradeshows.


Giving Flight to Imagination since 1946

By PacMin | May 24, 2010

Since 1946, PacMin has played an important role in the development and marketing of major programs in the aviation and aerospace industries. To recognize this milestone, a special logo was developed by calling on an international talent base. 


HH-47 Combat Search and Rescue Helicopter Model

By PacMin | April 27, 2010

This meticulously detailed cutaway of the Boeing HH-47 CSAR-X rescue aircraft is a six-foot long, 1/15 scale-model. Boeing utilizes this highly lauded marketing tool primarily at trade shows.

customized rapid prototyping of 747-8i cutaway model

747-8i Cutaway displayed at the Dubai Airshow

By PacMin | March 19, 2010

Boeing showcases its PacMin Studios-manufactured 1/20 scale 747-8 Intercontinental exhibit model at the 2010 Dubai Air Show.

Goodrich 4 display

Full Scale Goodrich 787 Engine at Singapore Airshow

By PacMin | January 19, 2010

PacMin Studio produced this full scale 787 engine inlet for Goodrich’s chalet at the Singapore Airshow. The unique “window” model measures over 12 feet in diameter (3.7m) and five feet deep (1.5m).

Solar Block 5

Solar Power Block

By PacMin | December 19, 2009

This 1/400 scale diorama of a solar power block with heliostats was constructed using 3D printed parts and finished with premium graphics and paints.

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