Pacmin Studios Models

Pacmin Studios is renowned for its models which are masterful replicas of their full-size counterparts. Whether you need precision scale models or larger-than-life exhibits, our team is ready to impress and delight. Our models are treasured keepsakes and serve as a reminder of your business relationship.

Trade Show Exhibits

For trade shows and special events, large scale exhibit models stand out and make an eye-catching statement. Outdoor display and interactivity available.

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Full Scale Mockups

Full-size mockups not only fascinate, they elevate perception and build confidence in new products. On-site support and maintenance packages available.

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Cutaway & Interactive Models

Our cutaway models invite customers inside your product. Cutaways feature detailed interiors and luxurious finishes. Interactivity and CGI available.

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Product Launch

Desktops & Custom Models

Outdoor Displays & Exhibits

“When called upon for a worldwide launch event, Pacmin pulled out every single stop. They are one of a few suppliers that we have built such trust with that we know they will come through for us, regardless of the challenges!”