Pacmin Model of Regent’s new ‘Viceroy’ Seaglider Greets Visitors at the Entrance of CoMotion Miami 2024 Event

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Regent, a trailblazing startup, is looking to revolutionize maritime transportation with its flagship sea glider, designed to operate at high speeds above the water’s surface at half the cost of a commercial aircraft and speeds six times faster than a ferry.

Backed by high-profile investors like Mark Cuban, their vision promises to transform coastal travel by offering a faster, more efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to traditional boats and ferries. The sea glider features a 12-passenger capacity, a 160 nautical mile range, and is 100 percent electric-powered. The company is currently in the testing stages and plans to start production as soon as 2025. 

The Regent Sea Glider was one of the main highlights of CoMotion Miami, an event where more than 1,500 international mobility experts, policymakers, technologists, and transport enthusiasts gather to discuss the future of transportation. In collaboration with Regent, Pacmin Studios created a scaled prototype of the ‘Viceroy,’ unveiled during Regent CEO Billy Thalheimer’s keynote event. 

Pacmin Studios produced a stunning, precise model (13.5 ft long with a 17.5 ft wingspan) that met Regent’s specifications and showcased their innovative technology that highlights the unique build and intricate decal layout. The model was displayed at the front of the venue for visitors to admire upon entering the event. 

Pacmin Studios Team pictured with finished Regent Viceroy Sea Glider model.


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