Pacmin Studios 1/48 Scale G700 models featured at Gulfstream FAA Certification Ceremony

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It has been recently announced that Gulfstream Aerospace Corp., a subsidiary of General Dynamics, has successfully passed one of the most rigorous aircraft certification programs in the company’s history. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified Gulfstream’s flagship, the G700, on Friday, March 29, 2024. Obtaining an FAA certification allows for Gulfstream to begin their deliveries of around 50 aircraft.

G700 specs features a length of 110 feet and a wingspan of 103 feet and currently offers the longest range of any business jet in the market(8919 miles). It has made historical achievements during the flight testing process as the G700 achieved a record-breaking flight time of 13 hours and six minutes flying from Savannah, Georgia to Doha, Qatar in 2021.

Pacmin Studios is proud to have a longstanding relationship with Gulfstream dating back to 1966 with the introduction of the Gulfstream G-II. We’re always busy producing custom models to be used for Gulfstream aircraft deliveries, ceremonies, and retail for their online store.

Pacmin 1/20th Scale G700 model display at Gulfstream flagship event. Source: George P. Johnson

You can purchase an officially licensed Pacmin Gulfstream G700 model on Gulfstream’s website by clicking here.


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