Pacmin exhibit model featured at Radia’s unveiling of the world’s potentially largest cargo plane ‘Windrunner’ during international energy conference CERAweek.

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Colorado-based startup Radia has announced their plans to produce one of the world’s largest cargo planes, specifically designed to transport wind turbine blades spanning as long as an entire football field (up to 344 feet). 

Aircraft size comparison chart comparing Radia’s Windrunner to Boeing 747-400, a commercial airplane.

During CERAweek held in Houston March 18-22, Radia’s CEO Mark Lundstrom unveiled the cargo aircraft the Windrunner, hoping to solve one of the biggest logistic nightmares in the renewable energy sector: transporting large wind turbine blades to onshore wind farms. Offshore blades are normally too large and heavy to transport by ground due to blocking infrastructure such as bridges, tunnels, and power lines. 

By unlocking an aerial advantage in transportation, Radia aims to support the production of more profitable onshore wind turbines and maximize the potential of harvesting wind as a main sustainable energy source. Taller wind turbine towers supported with larger blades results in more electricity that can be consistently generated, even with lower average wind speeds in some areas. 

An 8.5 ft (2.6 m) scaled exhibit model of the Windrunner, produced by Pacmin Studios, was featured at Radia’s CERAweek presentation and notably the company’s first physical mockup to be showcased to the public.

Pacmin’s 1:42 scale Windrunner model featured at Radia’s public showcase during CERAweek held in Houston, Texas. Dimensions: 2.6 meters in length with a 1.9 meter wingspan

The fuselage is fiberglass with internal reinforcement while the wings, tail, and engines are 3D-printed.  The model has integrated hanging points for suspended display equipped with the option for floor standing using an included tripod.  Graphics were color matched and carefully created to follow Radia’s corporate branding.


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