Noah Kuehnast positions miniature trees.

A Cutaway Model’s Journey, Part III

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In the previous articles, Greenpoint Technologies, a premier business jet completion center, seeks Pacmin Studios to create a 1/20th scale cutaway model of their Japanese Zen Garden-inspired interior and exterior concept of a B777X aircraft.

The creators encounter and conquer several difficulties along the way, including complex starscape flooring and negotiating which details to omit from the transparent aircraft ceiling.

One of the surreal elements of Greenpoint’s B777X aircraft concept is indoor olive trees housed in curved glass enclosures.

Originally, the creators of the cutaway model sourced miniature trees. They take photos to show the team at Greenpoint, who asks for an another option to meet their aesthetic.

Noah Kuehnast, Project Manager, seeks a solution. Having experience with railroad models, he uses self-made custom trees. The trees become Noah’s favorite personal contribution to the project.

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By Joshua Knopf

Joshua Knopf is a Production Expeditor at Pacmin Studios. In addition to mixing and matching colors for silkscreen printed decals, Josh writes creative content for our newsletters.

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