Paula Rodriguez applying touchup paint.

A Cutaway Model’s Journey, Part II

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In the previous article, Greenpoint Technologies, a premier business jet completion center, seeks Pacmin Studios to create a 1/20th scale cutaway model of their Japanese Zen Garden-inspired interior and exterior concept of a B777X aircraft.

As Ryan Keiser, exhibit fabricator, successfully threads over a thousand fiber-optic cables for the starscape flooring, the creators encounter another difficulty.

The interior of the aircraft needs to be visible, but certain ceiling elements obstruct the view of other components in the aircraft.

Pacmin Studios negotiates with Greenpoint Technologies to make a compromise. Though the customer’s digital renderings have frosted skylights and small, delicate hanging light elements, these are omitted from the cutaway model.

Communication between designers and engineers at Greenpoint Technologies and Pacmin Studios becomes paramount to completing the model successfully.

“The designer worked directly with us reviewing our plans for each material to make sure it reflected [their] vision…visits were key,” says Noah Kuehnast, Project Manager for the cutaway model.

Noah Kuehnast positions miniature trees.
Noah Kuehnast, Project Manager, Sales Engineer

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  1. Model photos by Jacob Knopf.

By Joshua Knopf

Joshua Knopf is a Production Expeditor at Pacmin Studios. In addition to mixing and matching colors for silkscreen printed decals, Josh writes creative content for our newsletters.

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