ANA Star Wars Jet at Star Wars 2017 Orland Event

Creating Legacy: Invite Your Audience into Your Story

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Everyone gravitates toward good stories. Audiences superimpose themselves onto their favorite heroes to explore and engage with the human experience. Stories show us how to survive, how to overcome challenges, and how to live lives of meaning and legacy.

At Pacmin Studios, we place you as the hero of your story and position ourselves as a guide to assist you on your heroic journey.

Every hero has a problem to overcome. Maybe your brand is falling under the radar. Perhaps your voice is getting lost in a cloud of competing voices.

In many stories, a hero is bestowed with artifacts of significance that they’ll need on their adventure to help solve their problems. In Star Wars, Obi-Wan bestows Luke with a lightsaber–which becomes imperative to Luke’s survival and to attain the status of Jedi. The lightsaber also has legacy significance in that it belonged to Luke’s father, Anakin; later, the lightsaber is passed down to Rey.

ANA Star Wars Models at STAR WARS CELEBRATION 2016.

Similarly, premium aerospace models are artifacts used to gain status and foster a legacy. Aerospace models are representations that symbolize emerging technologies, prestige, and luxury.

Elevate and establish your status amidst competitors and help promote a lasting legacy for your organization by displaying well-crafted aerospace models. Answer your call to adventure and invite your audience into your story. Request a quote.

By Joshua Knopf

Joshua Knopf is a Production Expeditor at Pacmin Studios. In addition to mixing and matching colors for silkscreen printed decals, Josh writes creative content for our newsletters.

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