Kaman model helicopter at AUSA trade show created by Pacmin Studios

AUSA returns with full-scale KAMAN KARGO UAV and more trade show models by Pacmin Studios

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Custom military mock-ups are prevalent at the 2021 Association of the U.S. Army’s (AUSA) annual meeting, one of the most significant industry events of the year for military and defense. This event attracts key decision-makers and showcases next-generation Army technology.

AUSA 2021 show floor

The 2021 AUSA show floor was filled with over 700 exhibitors, each with an expansive range of products and services on display, from “robot dogs” to crewless UAV transports. After last year’s virtual show, exhibitors were eager to meet customers in person and showcase the value of their unique products.

Display of full-scale models is a unique way to communicate the significance of new aircraft or programs. At this year’s AUSA, several Pacmin Studios 1:1 mock-ups made an appearance, including KAMAN’s KARGO UAV and Boeing’s Insitu Integrator.

The elaborate KARGO UAV model stands 7.5 feet (2.3 m) tall, making it easy to see across the show floor. Even with booms and rotors extended, it had a compact footprint of just over 24 square feet (2.2 square meters).

The mock-up was designed to display the extreme mobility and cargo capabilities of the UAV while development is underway. It’s capable of quickly transforming into the stow position and then back to flight-ready, a key feature of the KARGO UAV. It can also carry payloads up to 800lbs (362.9 kg) over a distance of 523 nautical miles (968.6 km).

Also present at the event was a full-scale Boeing Insitu Integrator model. The custom model was suspended from the ceiling, illustrating the UAS in use. With its impressive 8-foot (2.4 m) wingspan, the mock-up appeared to soar above the show floor.

The Integrator has a modular design and compact form, allowing each one to perform a multitude of different functions depending on which components were fitted to the unit.

AUSA 2021 Insitu model

Both life-size replicas were hard to miss and helped exhibitors attract attention. View these full-scale military mockups and more below!

AUSA 2021 took place October 11-13 in Washington, D.C. For more information visit AUSA. Find out more about our trade show models or contact us for other custom projects.