internal metal structure of full scale UAS

UAS Mock-Up Stretches Over 130 Feet Wide

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  • Over 130′ (40 m) wingspan for 1:1 scale UAS mock-up
  • Urethane foam tooling with internal steel structure
  • Fire retardant resins and composite materials
  • Large scale vinyl graphics
  • On-site installation support
full-size UAS mock-up
Full-size UAS mock-up with 132 wingspan

Pacific Miniatures, also known as PacMin, fabricated a full-size mock-up of an unmanned aircraft system (UAS). The mock-up’s wingspan measures an impressive 132 feet and is one of the largest defense models PacMin has created to date.

From start to finish, a team of engineers, fabricators, and project managers collaborated to build the model aircraft.

“The techniques we employed are surprisingly similar, whether it is a scale model or a full-size mock-up. Every project we do requires dedication, teamwork, and collaboration,” said Chris Barnhill, Director of Operations. “These qualities are key to pulling off incredible projects like this one.”

The 1/1 scale mock-up was completely built in Southern California and will travel over 8,200 miles to reach its destination. When fully assembled, it measures 48 feet in length and stands 19 feet tall.

The mock-up is designed to be displayed resting on its landing gear. It is also robust enough to travel to trade shows and events around the globe.

The UAS mock-up will be used to promote its unique mission capabilities.

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