UTC cutaway model

“Hybrid” solution for hybrid-electric Project 804

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UTC, comprising of Pratt & Whitney and Collins Aerospace, had a large chalet and pavilion at the 2019 Paris Air Show. Different sections throughout the chalet were dedicated to each of their business segments.

United Technologies Advanced Projects (UTAP) wanted a visually striking centerpiece that could also explain the complexity of their newest mission–Project 804.

The event was quickly approaching and they needed a solution fast. PacMin met with their team and offered a “hybrid” technology solution. By combining traditional physical models with modern CG animation, UTAP could tell a more complete and compelling story about Project 804.

The 7-foot cutaway model draws the viewer’s attention to the hybrid-electric engine of a future X-plane. For the demonstration, the X-plane is based on a Dash 8-100.

Spinning props simulate the aircraft in flight and lighting sequences on the cutaway coincides with CG animation on a large LED wall. Together, the model and CGI convey the technology and mission of Project 804. They demonstrate how energy is used and conserved at takeoff, in flight, and at landing.

PacMin aviation model with CG animation for UTAP project 804 - airline models for trade shows

A series of different CG animations were produced, each tailored for a different use case. A 30 sec version was produced for the trade show environment, where it could be seen on a loop.

Several full-length features were also produced with narration that went more in-depth into the hybrid-electric technology. A snippet of the CG animation can be viewed below, or watch the full length feature on our Vimeo channel.

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