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Exhibit models charm and attract at Paris Air Show

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The 2019 edition of the Paris Air Show took place June 17 to June 23. Year after year, PacMin models continue to charm attendees and attract media attention.

High quality custom exhibit models are a perfect backdrop to press conferences, especially during early phases of new aircraft like Boom Supersonic’s Overture. Physical models offer a preview of what is to come.

When Boom first arrived on the scene, PacMin models were there to commemorate the occasion. This year, a large 3-foot (1 m) Overture model in Japan Airlines’ livery marks another milestone. While the two companies have been in collaboration for the past year, it is the first time Boom has spoken publicly about the partnership.

For new product and brand debuts, custom models can be delivered with utmost confidentiality ahead of VIP events. This was the case with Mitsubishi Aircraft’s newly rebranded SpaceJet, the relaunch of the De Havilland Canada brand, and the debut of United Technologies’ Project 804.

A striking 1/20 scale M100 jet in the new house colors was on display at the Mitsubishi Chalet. It measures nearly 6-feet long (1.7m) and features subtle metallic spirals across the tail.

At the De Havilland Canada Chalet, a 1/20 scale Dash 8-400 PacMin aviation model was there to celebrate the return of the De Havilland brand. The Dash 8 exhibit model had spinning engines and a new modular tripod.

While the overall design is similar to PacMin’s classic chrome tripod, the interchangeable mounting plate allows customers to change the bank and pitch of the model for a more dynamic exhibit display. The powder coated finish comes in a variety of colors to match any branding.

UTC invited customers to dive deeper into each segment of their business at their chalet. PacMin produced a 1/10 scale Dash 8-100 with spinning propellers and light sequences. It demonstrates how UTC’s hybrid-electric technology could be used in today’s aircraft or in a future X-Plane.

Red and blue lights demonstrate the flow of energy in a hybrid-electric aircraft. To complete the story, a video wall next to the model explains Project 804’s goals in greater detail. Read more about how PacMin created the cutaway and digital content.

Watch the video below or visit our Vimeo channel for more content.

Other notable PacMin models at the Paris Air Show include Boeing’s full size T-X Trainer*, Aurora’s CAV, and a variety of desktop models. The PacMin sponsored D-Day Doll also made an appearance during the public days of the show.

Scroll through PacMin exhibit and desktop model highlights below.

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*: On September 16, 2019, the U.S. Air Force officially named the T-X Trainer the T-7A Red Hawk.