PacMin produced HondaJet model at the 2019 Rose Parade

Honda presents the 2019 Rose Parade

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Each year, the Tournament of Roses presents the annual Rose Parade on January 1st.

The 2019 edition began with a unique display. A Pacmin-produced HondaJet aviation model was at the forefront of Honda’s “Celebration of Dreams”.

As the official presenter of the Opening Spectacular, Honda’s float was one of the first on the scene. Their display included both floral and real representations of iconic Honda products and themes, such as the HondaJet, which represented the company’s aspirations for the future.

Exhibit models like these are often commissioned for special events and tradeshows. Their large scale and physical size command attention and create curiosity. They can be static or incorporate moving parts and lighting effects. The complexity of the exhibit model depends on the customer’s specific vision and goals. Smaller scale models can also be produced as a giveaway or commemorative item.

After the Opening Spectacular, viewers were treated to 40 different floats. Each one embodied the year’s theme, “The Melody of Life”. The floats are made nearly entirely of natural materials such as flowers, seeds and grains, fruits, and tree bark.

In addition to the floral festivities, the Rose Parade included performances by 21 marching bands and 18 equestrian units.

The Rose Parade is enjoyed by local residents and global viewers alike. It takes place in Pasadena, California every year on New Year’s Day and covers a 5 ½ mile route. This year marks the 130th edition of the event. A replay and breakdown of the parade can be viewed on the KTLA website.

Find out more about Pacmin’s exhibit models or contact us for other inquiries. Or for more information about the Rose Parade visit the Tournament of Roses website.