Denise Jennings at Oshkosh

To KOSH and Back

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Pacmin team members Brett Watts, Chris Barnhill, and Denise Jennings just returned from an amazing week at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, WI where they witnessed an aviation phenomenon. 

10,000 aircraft descended on Wittman Field between July 20th to 30th contributing to 134 takeoffs and landings per hour, making KOSH the busiest control tower in the world.

It was the year of the tanker and the Lockheed C-5 Super Galaxy was front and center at this year’s show, flanked by a B-1 Lancer, KC-10, a beautifully restored 1944 B-29 called “Doc”, a UPS MD-11, as well as fighter aircraft that included the A-10, F-16, and F-35.

The daily airshow consisted of 38 top airshow performers who dazzled the crowd with their aerobatic feats. Overall, AirVenture hosted 601,000 visitors including 2,700 visitors from 87 nations! The 867 exhibitors provided a shopping extravaganza for the aircraft builder and general and business aviation consumer.

Pacmin is a premier supplier of aircraft models and aviation marketing solutions to aircraft manufacturers, airlines and the aerospace industry and we are proud to see many of our customers represented at the show.

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