Air Tahiti Nui unveil - seven men wearing leis and two holding models

PacMin Models Bring Excitement to Air Tahiti Nui’s New Livery Unveiling

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In late May, Air Tahihi Nui treated VIP guests and stakeholders to a special event to see the “Tahitian Dreamliner” in the airline’s new visual identity. PacMin desktop and exhibit models were at the event giving a first look at the exciting new paint scheme.

The new livery harkens back to the airline’s cultural heritage. It features bold colors and traditional tattoos on the rear half of the aircraft. The tiaré flower is also featured prominently in white on the tail.

All these elements were carefully reproduced on the custom scale models for Air Tahiti Nui’s special event. It was one of the first times guests could see the airline’s new branding interpreted on an aircraft.

The 1/20 scale Boeing 787-9 measuring 10.3’ (3.1m) long with a 9.8’ (3.0m) wingspan was a centerpiece at the event. It created an opportunity for guests to take photos with the large scale model in the airline’s new branding and share their excitement.

A handful of 1/100 scale 787-9 desktop models (24.7” / 62.8 cm long with 23.7” / 60.1 cm wingspan) were also at the event. The desktop model’s large size and customizability make them a perfect gift for executives and other key players in achieving important milestones.

The updated look and colors are all part of a larger complete brand refresh. The new visual identity puts the tiaré, an important symbol to the airline and in Tahitian culture, at the forefront. These changes come at a pivotal time for the airline as they will celebrate their 20th anniversary this year in November.

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For more about Air Tahiti Nui’s new visual identity, visit their website.