HondaJet 3D billboard

3D HondaJet billboard

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In summer 2017, Pacmin Studios* built a custom “3D” HondaJet for an outdoor billboard. Since guests would only view the sign from the front, a “half model” was perfect for the job.

It can be easy to overlook a static 2D billboard. To catch the attention of passersby, the billboard features a physical HondaJet model popping out of the clouds. The model’s fuselage, wing and tail extend out from the sign three-dimensionally. The windows and wingtip anti-collision lights are illuminated, providing visual interest at night.

Pacmin Studios produces a variety of custom scale models for HondaJet for tradeshows and special events worldwide, including the 2019 Rose Parade. From models small enough to fit in the palm of your hands to models the length of a school bus, Pacmin Studios has the in-house capability to bring it to life.

PacMin produced HondaJet model at the 2019 Rose Parade
Pacmin Studios produced HondaJet model at the 2019 Rose Parade

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* Updated 2021: Pacmin is now Pacmin Studios.