2016 Boyd IAFS American Airlines winner

2016 Boyd IAFS offers chance to win PacMin models

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Three PacMin models will be raffled off at the 21st annual Boyd Group International Aviation Forecast Summit (IAFS). The summit will be held at Lake Tahoe, California from September 18 to 20. Additionally, attendees have a chance to win a Boom aircraft desktop model and attend the rollout and first flight celebrations.

The summit spans three days and features sessions led by over 30 airline executives and leaders in the industry. They will offer candid insights into the aviation industry, including forecasts, technology updates, and other key issues.

At the event, opportunity drawings for various desktop models were interspersed throughout each day. PacMin contributed a 1/144 scale 777-200ER American Airlines, 1/55 scale CS300 in Bombardier house livery, and a 1/50 scale Legacy 450 in Embraer housemarks to the drawings.

IAFS is in its 21st year. Visit the Boyd Group website for more information about the summit. http://aviationforecastsummit.com/

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