This 1/25 scale 757-200 cargo cutaway is on display at the new Aviation Pavilion at the Museum of Flight. The cutaway measures 6.2’ (2 m) long. / Photo courtesy of FedEx

World’s first air cargo exhibit opens at Museum of Flight

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On July 25, the Museum of Flight welcomed the public to the world’s first air cargo exhibit. The exhibition is sponsored by FedEx and features a custom 1/25 scale 757-200 cargo cutaway in the freighter’s paint scheme. PacMin specially produced the airplane cutaway model for the museum’s debut. A special weatherproof coat protects it against rain and yellowing.

Housed within a 34 ft. (10.36 m) section of a retired FedEx 727 aircraft, the air cargo exhibit incorporates 3D graphics, videos and “discovery boxes” to tell the history of cargo transportation. In order to fit within the space, the custom cutaway model features “stub” wings instead of fully extended wings, which would measure over 5 feet (1.5 m) for a 1/25 scale 757-200 model. The lit interior allows visitors to see how cargo is transported within the aircraft.

The interactive exhibit is part of the newly opened Aviation Pavilion which spans an incredible 140,000 sq. ft. It houses 20 historic aircraft, including a 787 Dreamliner prototype. Additional aircraft from throughout the museum are also planned to be moved into the pavilion later this year.

For additional information and photos from the air cargo exhibit, visit the Museum of Flight website.

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