Richard Plourde, B/E Aerospace Director of Sales, with 1/20 scale Bombardier Q300 LCD freighter in Air Inuit livery. The model is 4' long (1.3 m) with a 4.5' wingpsan (1.4 m).

Air Inuit selected as launch customer for Q300 LCD freighter

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On March 1, Bombardier announced Air Inuit as the launch customer for their new Q300 large cargo door (LCD) freighter. As part of the agreement, B/E Aerospace will be the sole supplier of passenger-to-freighter kits.

Air Inuit has been a key driver of the new freighter. The modified cargo door would allow the aircraft to accept palletized and free load cargo. They expect to have Q300 turboprop aircraft converted to a large cargo door freighter by Spring 2018.

B/E Aerospace also unveiled a 1/20 scale model Bombardier Q300 LCD freighter in launch customer Air Inuit livery at the Northern Air Transport Association (NATA) show in Whitehorse, Yukon as well as the Regional Airline Association (RAA) Annual Convetion in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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