PacMin was delighted to give Assemblywoman Young Kim a tour of PacMin and the new PacMin Studio special projects division. // Photo courtesy of PacMin

Assemblywoman Young Kim Visits PacMin

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California State Assemblywoman Young Kim, R-Fullerton, paid a visit to PacMin last week. We are honored to have her as a guest.

She was given a tour of PacMin and the new PacMin Studio special projects division where she witnessed firsthand the skill and care that goes into each model.

Each desktop and exhibit model starts with detailed engineering data and paint scheme information provided by the customer. The livery is then translated to wrap around a physical 3D model. After the paint and decals are applied, each model undergoes quality control to assure the model accurately represents the customer’s brand.

Kim was also impressed by the new possibilities PacMin-Blue Sky CGI’s 3D projection technology brings. She was treated to a brief 3D projection demonstration featuring historical aviation footage, three class passenger cabin animation, and dynamic paint scheme sequences.

For more information about Assemblywoman Young Kim, visit her website:

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