PacMin-Blue Sky CGI projects digital content onto a blank model canvas.

PacMin-Blue Sky CGI Unveils Immersive 3D Projection Technology on 7 foot (2 meter) Aircraft Exhibit Model at new Experience Center

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  • PacMin-Blue Sky CGI’s immersive 3D projection technology can wrap digital content onto curved or flat surfaces.
  • The 3D projection technology is part of PacMin Studio’s newly completed Experience Center.

FULLERTON, California (August 31, 2015)PacMin-Blue Sky CGI, a partnership between award-winning multi-media studio Blue Sky CGI and dynamic scale model industry leader PacMin Studio, demonstrates their 3D projection technology on a 1/25th scale aircraft exhibit model (over 7 feet / 2 meters in length) at their Fullerton location. The two minute demonstration incorporates historical footage, passenger cabin animation, and dynamic paint scheme sequences.

PacMin-Blue Sky CGI produces each 3D projection experience using customer-provided engineering data and renderings. This creates a vivid and visually engaging multi-media experience. If engineering data is unavailable, content can be created solely from high resolution photographs.

Once mapped, PacMin-Blue Sky CGI projects the digital content onto any desired surface including large scale exhibit models, cutaway models or full size mock-ups.

“PacMin-Blue Sky CGI’s 3D projection technology is, in essence, a storytelling tool. The striking imagery and physical model all work together to tell each client’s story. Potential customers will be able to connect with the product and even see inside the aircraft. The technology can also be used for other aviation related products or even expanded for non-aviation marketing applications,” said Will To, Director of PacMin Studio.

PacMin-Blue Sky CGI’s 3D projection technology gives customers greater creative freedom and greatly enhances the versatility of a model or display.

Digital content is easily customizable for prospective clients or special events. Businesses can also synchronize their content to sound, lighting, and other effects for a completely immersive multi-media experience.

PacMin Studio has been developing 3D projection applications over the last five years. The 3D projection demonstration is a focal point of PacMin Studio’s new immersive Experience Center which finished construction this summer. The Experience Center showcases new PacMin Studio and PacMin-Blue Sky CGI products and serves as a creative meeting space. Aside from the permanent 3D projection display, it features an interactive 1/40 scale aircraft exhibit model (over 5 feet / 1 meter in length) and other new products currently in development.

Industry can schedule a tour on the PacMin Studio website by contacting their team.

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About PacMin-Blue Sky CGI

Officially formed in 2015, PacMin-Blue Sky CGI is a partnership between PacMin Studio and Blue Sky CGI. It blends Blue Sky CGI’s photorealistic creative content with PacMin Studio’s precisely engineered models to create accurate, immersive exhibits for virtually any product—existing or conceptual.  PacMin-Blue Sky CGI produces displays ranging in size from 5 inch (12.7 cm) models to mock-ups measuring over 12 feet (3.7 m) wide. Their creative capabilities include CGI renderings, creative retouching, mobile app design, and 3D projection.

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