All Nippon Airways unveiled their R2-D2 Jet at the 2015 Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA

The Force awakens aboard R2-D2 Jet

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In anticipation of the launch of their Star Wars Project*, All Nippon Airways (ANA) commissioned a surprise model for Star Wars Celebration held mid-April in Anaheim, California.

The 1/20 scale Boeing 787-9 exhibit model featured the iconic Star Wars character R2-D2.

ANA trusted PacMin to maintain strict confidentiality throughout production. Logistics was carefully orchestrated to deliver the model under the radar and assure the event went smoothly.

On April 16, ANA unveiled their R2-D2 Jet. It thrilled attendees and was a perfect way to generate excitement for their Star Wars Project.

*: All Nippon Airways’ Star Wars Project is a joint marketing effort with Disney/Lucas Films spanning through 2020. ​

Take a closer look at how we brought this project to life!

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