PacMin, Inc. is honored as the Large Business of the Year by the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce. Greg Sebourn, Fullerton Mayor (left), Dan Ouweleen, PacMin President, Fred Ouweleen, PacMin CEO, Doug Chaffee and Jennifer Fitzgerald, Fullerton City Council members. // Photo courtesy of PacMin

PacMin honored as Large Business of the Year

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Pacific Miniatures, Inc. (PacMin), an industry leader in visually dynamic scale models and prototypes for marketing and educational exhibits in the aviation and aerospace industries, is honored as the Large Business of the Year by the Fullerton Chamber of Commerce.Fred Ouweleen, PacMin CEO, and Dan Ouweleen, PacMin President, accepted the award at the Chamber’s Business Achievement Awards Dinner and Annual Meeting on June 17 at the Summit House restaurant in Fullerton.

Each year, the Chamber solicits nominations from its membership for companies and individuals to be recognized for outstanding accomplishments in the areas of business and community involvement.

Businesses are recognized for a number of key criteria, among them are the company’s involvement in the community, service above self, outreach, ethical business practices, length of service in the Fullerton community, innovation, leadership, environmental awareness, and ability to promote wellness and learning for employees.

Established in 1946, PacMin now has more than 80 highly-skilled workers and will be celebrating their 70th anniversary next year in 2016. “We work together with our customers to bring their vision and imagination to life. It can be in the form of graphics, models, displays, dioramas or any other form we haven’t yet conceived,” said Fred Ouweleen.

Companies frequently give the aircraft models as commemorative gifts or use large scale exhibit models to demonstrate an aircraft’s capabilities. Many airlines also commission co-branded desktop models to raise awareness and funds for important causes.

In addition to serving the business-to-business market, PacMin is deeply involved with numerous charity projects including producing heart sculptures for All the Arts for All the Kids Foundation, donating desktop models to the ISTAT Foundation’s charity auctions, and promoting the Fullerton Rotary Club’s annual Jog-A-Thon.

Through these causes, PacMin is able to nurture a passion for aviation and contribute to a thriving community. “It’s very gratifying that some of the small things we’re doing in the community are making a difference and are being recognized,” said Dan Ouweleen.

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Photos from the event can also be viewed on the Chamber’s Flickr page.

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