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Behind the Scenes: All Nippon Airways’ R2-D2 Jet

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On April 16, PacMin joined All Nippon Airways (ANA) in unveiling a 1/20 scale Boeing 787-9 exhibit model in a spectacular R2-D2 livery, designed by global design firm, Teague.

The model was a close collaboration with ANA, with whom PacMin has worked with for two decades. R2-D2 will be painted on an ANA 787-9 aircraft which will begin flights later this fall. This model is a celebration of that upcoming flight.

PacMin turned the project around quickly. A total of 10 people were involved, taking three weeks from start to finish.

The livery was developed by the design firm Teague. Early March, PacMin received official R2-D2 color samples and artwork from Teague. Using that information, graphic engineers were able to match the colors and manipulate the artwork to wrap around a 1/20 scale model.

“All the wows and the incredible, amazing comments were a testament to how great the R2-D2 Jet was. Having a model at Star Wars Celebration really sparked the imagination and showed flying is fun again,” said William To, PacMin Director of Operations.

The R2-D2 Jet model was a highly custom product. Although PacMin incorporates the latest technology into its production process, model making continues to be a human-driven process. At each step, specially-trained technicians must mix each color, apply decals, and inspect decal placement and alignment. The result is a model so precise that ANA and Boeing can use the model as a tool to review and finalize the livery before it is painted on the real 787.

Take a closer look at how we brought this project to life!

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