goutman 7

Shining new light on models

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Last winter, Visual Communications (VCI) approached PacMin Studio with a unique challenge: create a nine-foot tall immersive model for the upcoming American College of Rheumatology Show.

The project was for one of VCI’s clients who needed a captivating exhibit display.

VCI developed a detailed plan for the exhibit space but needed a final touch to complete their vision.

The final piece would act as a conversation starter and visual tool for highlighting the effects of gout (a complex form of arthritis). It would also incorporate lighting effects and be visible from every direction for an engaging experience.

Word-of-mouth and a previous client’s recommendation led VCI to reach out to PacMin Studio. With less than two months to develop and deliver the model, the project put the PacMin Studio team to the test.

The finished creation was a giant translucent mannequin, standing 9 feet (2.7 m) tall. Lights embedded inside the figure highlighted the different areas affected by gout.

Take a closer look at how we brought this project to life!

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