1/40 scale Cargolux Cutaway

747-8F Cargolux Cutaway displayed at the Transport Logistics Tradeshow 

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Cargolux’s custom-made 1/40 scale 747-8F cutaway showcased the capabilities of its cargo aircraft at the 2013 Transport Logistics tradeshow.

In order to produce this cutaway to Cargolux’s exact specifications, PacMin painstakingly fabricated this extraordinary model from CAD data and blueprints used on actual Boeing aircraft. It also features functioning interior lighting and nose-cargo door.

The 1/40 scale 747-8F cutaway is 6.3 feet (2m) long and has a 5.6 foot (1.7m) wingspan.

•      1/40 scale 6.3 feet (2m) long in full configuration
•      Full interior lighting and nose-cargo door
•      Shipped in specialized crate for added protection
•      Promotes Cargolux’s freight capabilities

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