Delivering the impossible

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The true measure of a company is found in its unfailing ability to deliver the impossible. Backed by a truly dedicated support staff, the best in software and equipment available, with over 65 years of hard-earned expertise, and the fundamental willpower to fly above and beyond for our clients, we at PacMin have proved our steadfast capabilities in the face of unthinkable timelines.

At PacMin, we were put to such a test in October of 2010 when a long-time, valued client gave us an urgent call early one Sunday morning. They had tried out a different model development company for their latest aircraft – but the piece had arrived damaged, incomplete and unsuitable for display as the centerpiece of their groundbreaking press conference. When we learned the press conference was slated for the next day at 2PM, giving us 10 hours to complete the essential aircraft model, we began assembling our team immediately.

Once the piece arrived, our skilled and devoted team spent the next 10 hours refurbishing the model; after stripping the existing paint, creating new artwork, repainting and applying the clear coat we were able to ship the piece on time for its grand debut.

The pride we take in our work and the reliability we strive for in each and every project shows not only in our turn-around time and attention to detail but also our ability to transform established pieces and adapt to new and challenging situations.

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