ANA and PacMin

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We recently received some photos of the ANA store in Tokyo. ANA has been a faithful PacMin customer and it seemed a good opportunity to gather some information on the history of the PacMin / ANA relationship.

The following Q&A is based on an interview with Koichi Takemasa. Mr. Takemasa is the Product and Market Development Manager for ANA Trading Co., Ltd. retail sales.

How long has ANA worked with PacMin?
ANA started on a quest in 1991 for desktop models that would display superior detailing and quality. Many of your competitors were not willing to decorate their models with the detailing we were looking for. In 1993 a station manager received a sample PacMin model that he noted had superior quality. This model was hand delivered to Tokyo for inspection. ANA then worked with PacMin to produce the specific detailing that would make the ANA desktop models stand out from the rest.

Why did ANA choose PacMin?
PacMin always made an effort to understand our needs.

Where does ANA sell PacMin models?
Our store is in Domestic Terminal 2 Arrival Floor in Tokyo International Airport.

Is there a most popular PacMin model?
All of the ANA PacMin desktop models are favored by collectors because of their superior detailing. The first two models we did were the A320 and 747-400. Some of the models PacMin has recently produced are

1/100 scale: 727-100, 727-200, 767-300ER, 787-8, 737-700, 737-800, 777-300, 747-400
1/72 scale: MRJ, Q300
1/144 scale: 787-8

Some of the models are particularly interesting like the 1/100 727s that were recently done in the 1965 and 1970 era liveries.

On-line purchasing?
Look for a new website featuring ANA Official Precision Models in 2011. PacMin models will be available there.