Giving Flight to Imagination since 1946

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Since 1946, PacMin has played an important role in the development and marketing of major programs in the aviation and aerospace industries. To recognize this milestone, a special logo was developed by calling on an international talent base. 

We Are:
Together creatively giving life to vision and imagination

We Do This With:
Integrity, Customer Satisfaction, Dedication to Excellence, Teamwork, Professionalism and Passion

Our Mission Is:
We are the source for visually dynamic marketing solutions that build key business relationships
We invest in people and technology providing a community that promotes creativity, compassion and success

PacMin is dedicated to giving flight to your vision. We are a creative community of talented individuals. We collaborate with our customers in commercial as well as military aviation and aerospace industries to harness their specific industry perspectives and best concepts.

Fully assimilated into the communities in which we operate, PacMin hires many local residents and all our production protocols support local environmental initiatives. We are located in three manufacturing facilities, with three, corresponding, satellite sales offices.

As strategic partners you can count on, we continually invest in our team members, keeping them up to date on the latest technologies and processes. This enables us to consistently deliver high impact scale-models, mock-ups, cutaways and prototypes for corporate awards, product launches, special events marketing and educational exhibits. Our core competencies include prototyping, tooling, molding, preparation, painting, customizing, graphics, printing, customer service.