customized rapid prototyping of 747-8i cutaway model

747-8i Cutaway displayed at the Dubai Airshow

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Boeing showcases its PacMin Studios-manufactured 1/20 scale 747-8 Intercontinental exhibit model at the 2010 Dubai Air Show.

  • 1/20 scale 12′ 6″ long in full configuration
  • Modular design, tail section is removable and stub wings can replace full span for use in smaller display spaces
  • Full interior lighting, recessed ceiling lights, lit table lamps, lit stairs, 1st class suite lighting
  • Lighting is dimmable by section using hidden dial controls
  • Functioning LCD screens that replicate flat screen TVs, running customer choice of DVD movie
  • Custom designed steel and fiberglass base used when not on Boeing tradeshow display stand
  • Shipped in 2 crates and arranged so only one crate is needed if using the compact model configuration
  • Promotes Boeings latest flagship 747-8 intercontinental now entering production

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