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Your original Pacmin Studios model was individually handcrafted by our team. We are honored many models are preserved as valued keepsakes. While we would like to offer replacement parts and repair services for all models ever produced, it is not always feasible for us to do so.

All good things must come to an end, and each aircraft— even models—must eventually retire. We appreciate your understanding.

Warranty Information

To register your model, please complete our online warranty registration form.

Pacmin Studios warrants this model against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year after the date of original purchase. During this period, Pacmin Studios will repair or replace a defective part.

These warranties extend to the original purchaser, and to no subsequent purchaser or transferee. There are no express warranties except those listed above.

Assembly & Care Videos

Find instructional videos for common aircraft types on our YouTube channel.

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Extend the Lifetime of Your Model

With proper care, you can maintain your model’s luster and integrity for years and generations to come.

To assemble, remove packing foam and carefully lift the model, wings, and base from box.

Insert wings and horizontals carefully into existing slots, using light pressure at the wing’s thickest parts; do not push on the wing tips or engines. No adhesive is necessary.

To install base, remove screw located in fuselage undercarriage. Use the base locating pin to align screw holes, then thread in screw (do not overly tighten).

To care for your model, wipe clean with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or chemicals.

Clean wood base with furniture polish. Clean plexiglas and Airfoil bases with soft, dry cloth, being careful not to rub off logo and graphics.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and temperature extremes which can cause discoloration and warping.

Buy Replacement Parts

New bases, tripods, and box and foam sets can be purchased online at The Model Shop. Our parts are designed to be used with official Pacmin Studios models only.

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Desktop Model Information

Pacmin Studios offers 4 model grades for our desktop models. Minimum order quantity, customization options such as base and packaging vary by grade. Contact your account manager to learn more.

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