CGI & 3D Rendering Services

We create powerful visual experiences by blending our latest 3D rendering capabilities with time tested, traditional skills. Our CGI marketing team specializes in stunning photorealistic 3D rendering services and fly through videos. Use them as standalone projects or in combination with large scale models for an engaging, multimedia event. CGI can also be used to market new products and conceptual products.

Photorealistic Content Creation & CGI Product Marketing

The Pacmin Studios difference is in the details. Every CGI project begins with a discovery call to gain an intimate understanding of your brand and messaging goals. From there, we craft a story that expertly informs and visually fascinates.

High quality CGI is a powerful visual communication tool for marketing new products and concepts. Our team uses engineering data to create CGI that is lifelike and believable. When engineering data is not available, we can use HDRI photography. Once created, CGI and 3D assets can be used to develop other digital content and marketing collateral for greater return on your investment.


Convert CGI Into Video, Apps, & VR

Transform your CG imagery and animation into mobile apps, digital product configurators, and more. Our CGI product marketing team can also convert complex 3D renderings into low polygon models for use in interactive experiences or gaming engines for VR and AR.

Pacmin Studios now offers holographic displays. Our award winning CGI and 3D renderings can be converted into holographic content for use in Immersive Tours, HoloTables, and HoloRooms. Existing 2D content can also be utilized in our hologram systems.


Digital CGI Product Configurator

Mobile Apps

VR & Training Simulations