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Fantastic!! [PacMin] did a great job. If you ever need a reference, I will gladly vouch for you. (more…)

Pacmin produces beautiful models and they stand behind their work. The 787 Azure model represents the 5th program we’ve completed together. Pacmin offers outstanding quality, great service, and a highly talented team.


Our model is a big show hit for us! Thanks! My boss loves it!


Boeing has been a partner with the MIT Leaders For Manufacturing/Leaders For Global Operations program since its founding in 1988. For the last 26 years the program has been run by Don Rosenfield, an enthusiastic leader who takes great personal and professional interest in every student who ever passed through the program. (more…)

Boeing has always been amazed with the many wonderful PACMIN Products and services for so many years. I have a great opportunity to let you know that we have again received wonderful support from the PACMIN Team! (more…)

The Bomarc missile model was delivered on Feburary 7th without a ding or scratch on it. The packing department did an incredible job constructing the crate. (more…)