Inside PacMin Studios

What Sustainability Means to Pacmin Studios

July 18, 2024

Sustainability. The ability to maintain or support a process continuously over time. It seeks to prevent the deletion of physical resources so they will be available long-term. I found the definition above after Googling “sustainability”.   The word has gained a lot of relevance in our current decade, especially in advocacy to fight the climate…

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FedEx Panda Express: No, Not the Fast Food Chain

June 27, 2024

FedEx has had a decades-long history working with China to transport their pandas worldwide. As a part of their support for environmental conservation efforts, FedEx has a program called FedEx Panda, where the company has contributed to the transportation of more than 15 pandas worldwide over the last two decades. Pandas are on the endangered…

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Pacmin Model of Regent’s new ‘Viceroy’ Seaglider Greets Visitors at the Entrance of CoMotion Miami 2024 Event

June 18, 2024

Regent, a trailblazing startup, is looking to revolutionize maritime transportation with its flagship sea glider, designed to operate at high speeds above the water’s surface at half the cost of a commercial aircraft and speeds six times faster than a ferry. Backed by high-profile investors like Mark Cuban, their vision promises to transform coastal travel…

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The Evolution of Plane Spotting: From Wartime Necessity to Beloved Hobby

May 31, 2024

One of the unsung heroes of WWII were known as plane spotters, people who were dedicated to observing and logging aircraft through forms of photography and videography.  The term was coined during the start of WWII, when the Royal Observer Corps (U.K.) encouraged civilians to become spotters and document airplanes from observation posts throughout coastal…

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Pacmin exhibit model featured at Radia’s unveiling of the world’s potentially largest cargo plane ‘Windrunner’ during international energy conference CERAweek.

April 12, 2024

Colorado-based startup Radia has announced their plans to produce one of the world’s largest cargo planes, specifically designed to transport wind turbine blades spanning as long as an entire football field (up to 344 feet).  During CERAweek held in Houston March 18-22, Radia’s CEO Mark Lundstrom unveiled the cargo aircraft the Windrunner, hoping to solve…

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Noah Kuehnast positions miniature trees.

A Cutaway Model’s Journey, Part III

January 4, 2024

In the previous articles, Greenpoint Technologies, a premier business jet completion center, seeks Pacmin Studios to create a 1/20th scale cutaway model of their Japanese Zen Garden-inspired interior and exterior concept of a B777X aircraft. The creators encounter and conquer several difficulties along the way, including complex starscape flooring and negotiating which details to omit…

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