Airbus A220 Models

All Pacmin Studios Airbus models and digital content are fully licensed and designed from official engineering CAD used on its full size counterpart.

Each asset is made to order to suit your specific aviation marketing goals.

Complete Airbus A220 Marketing Solutions

Pacmin Studios is tooled for both Airbus A220-100 and A220-300 variants in a variety of scales. Our event and delivery models range in length from 9″ (24 cm) to 25″ (70 cm). Trade show models range from 5′ (1 m) to 6′ (2 m). Custom model scales also available.

Contact your Pacmin Studios Airbus account manager for a complete tooling list or fully custom solution.

For deliveries and tradeshows, we recommend CGI, custom marketing models, fine art, or Airbus A220 branded gifts. 

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CGI Animation & 3D Renderings

Event Marketing & VVIP Models

Fine Art

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