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early photo of PacMin workshop


For over seventy years we have served many industries, ranging from aviation and aerospace to events and entertainment, providing visually dynamic marketing solutions to our customers.

Throughout the years we have worked closely with our customers, offering custom scale models and trade show exhibits, dynamic graphics, and promotional solutions that enhance their key business relationships.

At PacMin, we embrace change and new challenges.

Our team works together with you to take your ideas, vision, and imagination and turn them into reality as a beautiful desktop model, a fine art painting, or an exhibit for your upcoming trade show or product rollout.

We are continually investing in our team members and the latest in technologies and processes in order to be a strategic partner you can count on. We are passionate about the industries we serve and in building a great future together with our customers.

Our core competencies include prototyping, tooling, molding, preparation, painting, customizing, graphics, printing, customer service, and a dedication to bringing your vision to life.

Challenge us to bring your imagination to life.

Or schedule a tour and see how we turn your wildest ideas into reality.


In 2017, we refreshed our core values to encompass both PacMin and PacMin Studio. Many of these values have driven PacMin since the beginning. They will serve as a guiding force in the next 70 years to come.

Learn more about our historical core values here.

Commitment and Determination
After the Breitling Jet was repaired, it was buffed and polished until it shined.

We are committed and determined. We embrace challenges. We do not shrink in the face of adversity.

Greenpoint 2 airplane model conference table

We are innovative. We thrive on the search for new solutions through a culture that rewards creativity and risk taking.

JB Mint 05

We create value for our customers, ourselves, and our community.

exhibitor live booth

We are professional. We hold ourselves to the highest standards. We do what we say.

PacMin Director of Operations Will To was at Star Wars Celebration with All Nippon Airways to unveil the 1/20 scale R2-D2 Jet.

We are enthusiastic. We bring excitement, wonder and artistry to everything we do.



Pacific Miniatures and PacMin Studio is a creative community of talented individuals headquartered in sunny Fullerton, California with two satellite sales offices in New York and Arizona and two international manufacturing facilities.

With over 36,500 sq/ft of creative space, this state-of the art facility integrates “Lean Manufacturing” protocols to increase efficiency, optimizing workflow and decrease waste.

PacMin is well familiar with the operational advantages a clean and organized factory environment offers. That’s why each department implements what is known as 5S methodology, which represents the Five S Pillars: Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. It is designed to streamline the overall production environment. In addition to affording a positive workspace for our employees, the 5S methodology diminishes risk of contamination and imperfections on our models and custom exhibits.

street view of PacMin headquarters
work table with PacMin and PacMin Studio signs on it


Formally established in 2014, we design highly customized marketing tools that can be seamlessly incorporated into existing marketing campaigns or used as event showstoppers.

Although we began in 1946 focused on aviation and aerospace, today we have expanded our horizons and repertoire to include medical, energy and more.

Our customers have challenged us to design spectacular dioramas, immersive exhibitions, and massive displays. PacMin Studio’s capabilities also include CG imagery and videos, 3D rendering services, 3D projection, and more.


Like most manufacturing operations, PacMin has capability-specific departments configured in correlation with each respective function. One example would be our paint department and paint booth that comply with all government regulations.

Everything about the PacMin facility is precision engineered. This includes the customization department, which is comprised of PacMin-designed and built workstations that incorporate proper lighting and tools for each particular aspect of production.

Tool making and prototyping
After a concept is approved by the customer, our engineers begin creating a 3D model
  • Three fully automated CNC machines with a cutting envelope of 12ft x 5ft x 4ft
  • Larger sizes are possible through strategic partners
  • Two Stereo Lithography machines
  • Metal/composite/wood cutting lathe
  • Software: Alias Studio, MasterCam, SolidWorks, Cadkey
  • Aluminum and steel welding and metal fabrication support equipment
Goutman 6 - removing head from mold
  • Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) material dispensing unit
  • Three RIM molding presses
  • Three Vacuum pots for silicone molds and urethane part production
  • Complete workstations for fiberglass tooling and part fabrication
Graphics and Printing
  • Six workstations
  • 44″ width large format color printer
  • UV-LED Direct to Substrate Printer
  • Image setting and film processing system for color separations
  • Two semi-automatic silkscreen printing presses
  • Three manual silkscreen printing presses
  • Screen exposure unit
Painting and Customizing
Details are applied to the Art Legacy Award during the customizing phase
  • Spectrophotometer and software for color matching
  • Two fully enclosed, pressurized and filtered paint booths
  • Three standard filtered open faced paint booths
  • Six airbrush stations
  • Strategic alliances with several overseas manufacturing firms