We celebrated our birthday all of 2011 and into 2012. We decided to start the year out by developing  a 65th anniversary logo that would symbolize this significant milestone. While we have considerable in-house talent to generate designs for a logo, we elected to hold an international competition in the hopes that graphic artists outside our company would provide different perspectives.

Utilizing a website called www.logotournament.com we provided the following guidelines to contestants:

  1. Acknowledge and recognize PacMin’s 65- year legacy of serving the aviation and aerospace industries.
  2. Represent that PacMin is a global company with customers and operations around the world.
  3. Illustrate that PacMin is innovative, progressive, and enthusiastically embracing the future.
  4. Any design or concept should integrate well with our existing corporate identity.

Entries were submitted from Indonesia, Poland, UK, Serbia, Slovenia, and the U.S. It was fascinating to see the different approaches to the challenge.   After reviewing many excellent and thoughtful designs, we chose Zlatan Vojvodic’s entry.   Residing in Kikinda, Serbia, Zlatan is a painter and graphic designer. He uses the nickname Vdeny and more of his work can be seen at http://www.vojvodic.biz/biografija.htm.

Zlatan’s design resonated with us as it incorporated our iconic PacMin airplane logo, whose retro design symbolizes our history and legacy. The stylized globe represents our international outlook and reach. And it nicely accommodates the number “65” representing our 65th anniversary.

The bold lines convey movement, confidence, and enthusiasm. The blue works well with our corporate blue and represents calm, stability and opportunity. The gold is an ideal choice to highlight the richness and importance of the occasion.

Please look for our logo on our website, correspondence and packaging as we enthusiastically celebrate our 65th anniversary!