White Paper – Have it All


Create Augmented Reality by Combining Physical Scale Models with CGI and 3D Projection

Executive Summary

The way we communicate continues to evolve each day. Various tools, such as print ads, videos, and live demonstrations, all aim to create customer excitement for a product, service, or idea. It is especially critical for product launches and complex products.

How can customers become engaged if they do not fully understand a product and its benefits?

This brings up three areas that must be addressed:

  • Understanding and visualizing the product
  • Gaining attention and engagement against competing products
  • Improving recall after each outreach

By increasing understanding and maximizing engagement, companies can have a greater influence on the customer purchasing journey.

Currently, there are three main ways companies have achieved this: CGI, virtual reality, and physical models.

CGI (or computer generated imagery) is visually striking, but is difficult to understand scale and context without a reference point or a physical representation present.

Virtual reality overcomes that drawback by inviting customers into the environment. This brings up a different obstacle—customers can be overwhelmed or disoriented if the virtual reality experience is not well executed.

Physical models are tactile and are a great asset when used in conjunction with complimentary marketing material. The challenge then becomes “what pairs well with a model?”

Solution: Have it all. Create augmented reality by combining physical scale models with CGI and 3D projection.

PacMin Studio’s unique offering of precision engineered scale models and photorealistic CGI and 3D projected imagery allows customers to immerse themselves with a product. By creating a tactile and emotional connection, customers can understand its benefits, visualize themselves using the product, and recall the product when they are ready to make purchasing decisions.