Awards and Customer Recognition

When off-the-shelf promotional items will not do, turn to PacMin to provide unique awards, gifts, and plaques that communicate your message. From one-off employee retirement awards to large run product marketing items, we work with you to symbolize your company's passion and vision.

Our experience with tight deadlines, convention planning and awards banquets means you are not just purchasing an item from a vendor. You are incorporating our experiences with your own and expanding your team. In the past we have provided not only the gift or award but also graphics and banners as well as the on-site support to make sure your event progresses smoothly. See what we can bring to your event.   
Our customizable products are perfect for deal and leasing commemoration. When developing your product, our artists conduct an in-depth dialogue with you and your team. After which, you are presented with concept images to critique. Our knowledge of materials and production allow us to make suggestions based on your budget, quantity and timeline. The chosen concept can then progress to a prototype or 3D CAD rendering. Personalized nameplates and gift packaging are some of the options we offer that put the finishing touch on a professional presentation. 
PacMin has over 65 years experience producing aerospace and aviation models that precisely reflect their full-size counterparts. With this in mind you can be sure that your aircraft, engine, or mechanical component will be incorporated into your design and will reflect your high standards and professionalism.

Introducing PacMin Studio!